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Vilket vapen kan detta vara?


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ARMY TIMES -- The U.S. Army is investigating a "mystery weapon" that crippled an M1A1 Abrams tank on Aug. 28, the Army Times reports.


According to an unclassified report by Army investigators, a pencil-sized hole was drilled through the hull by "something," knocked out critical components in the tank, and then pierced almost two inches into the hull on the far side of the tank.


"It's a real strange impact," said an expert in anti-tank weapons. "This is a new one....It almost definitely is a hollow-charge warhead of some sort, but probably not an RPG-7."


Said one expert in the report: "The unit is very anxious to have this 'SOMETHING' identified. It seems clear that a penetrator of a yellow molten metal is what caused the damage, but what weapon fires such a round and precisely what sort of round is it? The bad guys are using something unknown and the guys facing it want very much to know what it is and how they can defend themselves."


Some armor experts believe the M1A1 may have been hit by a new RPG-7 round, the PG-7VR, which can be fired from an RPG-7V launcher.

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Finns en tråd på modellbyggarforumet Missing-lynx om detta.



Där finns även en länk till ett bildspel som visar skadan:





PS Jag tror det var en fjärrstyrd B&D slagborr med hårdmetallborrstål..

Men det rä bara en teori jag har :Malaj:

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  • BlåGul -1

Hittat på nätet, från en Mike Sterling (som brukar ha korrekt info om saker han uttalar sig om) :



>sorry guys,

>no mystery weapon here! The guy used a Russian RPG-29V on that M1A1, notice,

>not a heavy armor variant! So no DU lattice in the armor.

>I have been keeping my fingers in the report at work since it happened, the

>chiefs wanted info on the warhead, but believe me, this guy made a one in a

>million money shot!

>And no one says luck is a factor! HAH!

>The PG-29V and the PG-7VR use the same 105mm tandem shape charge warhead. It

>was that warhead that struck the abrams in the #4 right skirt and

>penetratedthe skirt with its 40mm pre-cursor warhead, after the skirt was

>penetrated, the main 105mm warhead detonated and penetrated the hull between

>the roadwheels. The Jet spent itself in this process due to the extreme

>stsndoff and the COne/Slug battered it's way though the remaining armor into

>the turret. It severed an NBC hose and the gunners seat-back. At this point,

>the slug didnt even have the energy to penetrate the PASGT vest the gunner

>was wearing.

>Both crewmens injuries were minor, the armor did it's job and the tank will

>be repaired and sent back into service after a refit.


>The 29v is pretty cool, gotta get to work, more on the 29 later


>Mike Sterling

>the Mad Bomber


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Djävlar anamma!


Och jänkarna som skrytit om att M1'an med sitt avancerade pansar skulle behöva en träff av en Hellfire eller Maverick för att slås ut.


Fordonet slogs ju inte ut, men det där skrämde nog skiten ur rätt många M1-bessätningar innan det klarades ut.


And no one says luck is a factor! HAH!
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Jo, men det var ju bara en vanlig A1 utan tilläggsskydd. Att stridsvagnar är osårbara tror väl bara barn på..

Små barn och amerikaner... ;)

Vad ska man annars säga?


Man kan ju knappast gå ut och säga:

"Vi skickar era barn i undermåliga saker att dö i öknen"


Inte för att den är undermålig men.


Att göra så funkar bara i ett värnplikts försvar.

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Lite grövre skador:




Metoden att gräva ner en jämrans massa "bang" i marken verkar ha spridits utanför Palestina. molotovcocktailen har fått sällskap av "arafats konservöppnare" som primitiva pv-vapen.



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Vad är det igentligen för sikte på vapnet och vilken typ av AK5 är det som soldaten (han som inte pekar med hela handen) på bilden i SoldF 2001 sid 6-7 har?


//Sgt Fjellman

Är det inte en variant på en laserpek då?

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