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SKOJ: Vad har ni på ctrl+v ?


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Escaping to New Orleans, Louis kills a plague-ridden young girl, Claudia, although Lestat turns her into a vampire as a companion for them. Louis is horrified that Lestat has turned a child into a vampire, and although she takes to killing easily, Claudia begins to hate Lestat too as she realizes she can never grow up. She poisons him, and cuts his throat, the pair of them dumping his body in a swamp.


As Louis and Claudia prepare to flee to Europe, Lestat appears again and attacks them, although they escape leaving the furious Lestat in flames. Arriving in Europe, Louis and Claudia seek more of their kind. It is only when they reach Paris that Louis encounters the vampire Armand and his coven, the Théâtre des Vampires, and falls under his spell. Claudia convinces Louis to turn another woman, Madeleine, into a vampire, although all three are abducted by the Theatre vampires and Claudia and Madeleine are killed. Armand arrives and tells Louis they must leave, but a furious Louis returns to the Theatre, burning it to the ground and killing all the vampires, and leaving with Armand.


Telling the boy of one more encounter with Lestat, Louis ends his tale. The boy begs to be made a vampire, but the angry Louis refuses and leaves. The boy notes the address of the house where Louis last saw Lestat in New Orleans, and jumps into his car...



Oj :surprise:

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Den som bedriver verksamhet i form av skjutbana eller skjutfält skall vidta åtgärder så att ammunition innehållande bly samlas upp på ett sätt som är godtagbart från hälso- och miljösynpunkt.

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