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SKOJ: Vad har ni på ctrl+v ?

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ABC-bredband i Huddiksvall



Bredbandsbolaget i Stockholm


Även med sista oktetten borta så är det lätt att ta reda på var en IP-adress hör hemma...

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España del íbero, del celta, del cartaginés, y de Roma,

España de los duros visigodos,

de estirpe escandinava,

España del Islam, de la cábala

y de la Noche Oscura del Alma,

España de los inquisidores,

que padecieron el destino de ser verdugos

y hubieran podido ser mártires,

España de la larga aventura

que descifró los mares y redujo crueles imperios

España de la piedra piadosa de catedrales y santuarios,

España de la hombría de bien y de la caudalosa amistad,

España del inútil coraje,

podemos profesar otros amores,

podemos olvidarte

como olvidamos nuestro propio pasado,

porque inseparablemente estás en nosotros,

en los íntimos hábitos de la sangre,


madre de ríos y de espadas y de multiplicadas generaciones,

incesante y fatal.




Som alla ser så sysslar jag med en uppsats, spansk litterär analys... :)

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Varje år dör cirka 7 personer genom att bli spetsade på vassa föremål i diskmaskinen.


Hehe, har man tråkigt så har man... Var inne på www.onodiginformation.se och kollade lite =P

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Jag är Betatestare på modden CORE för Hearts of Iron II. Kommentarer om en speltest, skriven i Word för att inte allt skall försvinna och kopierad in i deras forum...



Test of the 0.408 Release Candidate, Newfoundland Hands-off



I started a hands-off game with Newfoundland this morning and wanted to make some comments of the game this far. The game has played by itself until the 5th of July 1941 and here's what has happened.



Diplomacy and Wars:



Axis: Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia


Allies: United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Bhutan, Canada, France, Greece, India, Iraq, Malay States, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Oman, South Africa, Yemen


Comintern: Soviet Union, Mongolia, Tannu Tuva


The Chinese clique: Nationalist China, Xibei San Ma, Yunnan, Sinkiang


The Japanese clique: Japan, Manchukuo, Mengkukuo



The allies and the axis are at war, likewise the japanese and chinese cliques. No other wars at the moment as far as I'm aware.





Situation on the differernt fronts



-Germany has had the Anschluss, Memel and Czeckoslovakia events fired as usual. The czeck parts have been annexed and Slovakia has been created.


-Germany has invaded and defeated Poland, Norway, Denmark, the Neterlands, Belgium, France and Yugoslavia. The invasion of Greece has just begun, but here Germany has been cut off from gaining anything for themselves, as Bulgaria controls Skopje, Stip and Edessa, while Italy controls Albania.


-Vichy France has been created and are neutral. Grenoble and Nice have been taken by Italy.


-The Soviet Union has won the Winter War (normal outcome = only Viborg and Sortavala taken), and annexed the Baltic States, as well as Eastern Poland and Bessarabia.


-The Nationalists have won the Spanish Civil War.





The Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa

-In North Africa the Italians are loosing hugely. They have 9 divisons surrounded in one single province (Fuka, one province west of El Alamein) with strong forces from the Empire (14 divisions from UK and Canada, incl. two ARM and two HQ) around them. The brits also have pushed far into Libya and Italy is now down to only four provinces there (Zuara, Tripoli, Homs, Zirte).


-All of Italian East Africa has been conquered.


-Egypt are not part of the allies, but grants military access to the brits and have given up all of the coast along the Med and the Red Sea


-Syria, Lebanon and Madagascar have been released and are not controlled by anyone.


-Vichy France controls all of French West Africa, Algeria, Tunisia and French Marocco while Free France controls Chad, Equatorial Africa, Cameroon, Gabon and French Congo. Free France controls all french posessions in the South Pacific, Caribbean and South Africa.






-In the North of China the japanese assault has been stopped quite north at the line Yuchang, Handan, Taiyuan, Yuling, Bayan Nur.


-On the other hand the Japanes have landed on the souther and eastern coasts and conquered most of (I'd say around 80%) of all provinces south of the Yangtze River. It will prpbably stay like this for some time as I don't see any side having the power to attack across it. The Japanese have 2-5 divisions in each province, while the Chinese (though very many) have too low org and too few doctrines for the attack to succeed (the newest chines doctrine is '38 Battle and they completely lack Operational and Mobility).


-Japan have taken all of Indochina for themselves and only the fact that the Nationalists have captured Haiphong keeps the japanese from controlling all of the coast from Saigon to Shanghai.


-For some reason japan uses their HQ's as some kind of garrison on the home islands with four of five in Tokyo, Fukushima, Sendai and Akita.







Military Strength

The number and types of divisions in the world at the moment:



Nationalist China, 203: 16 Cav, 16 Mtn, 1 Gar, 4 HQ, 166 Res

Soviet Union, 202: 37 Inf, 34 Cav, 10 Mot, 21 L.Arm, 8 Mtn, 11 Gar, 6 HQ, 75 Res

Germany, 171: 96 Inf, 5 Cav, 16 mot, 15 Arm, 2 Par, 6 Mtn, 8 gar, 8 HQ, 15 Res

United Kingdom, 90: 24 Inf, 7 Arm, 27 Gar, 10 HQ, 22 Res

British India, 86: 1 Inf, 4 Cav, 1 Mtn, 80 Res

Japan, 73: 10 Inf, 5 Cav, 1 Mar, 10 Mtn, 17 Gar, 5 HQ, 25 Res

Italy, 63: 8 Inf, 2 Cav, 3 Mot, 1 L.Arm, 4 Mtn, 6 Gar, 1 HQ, 23 Res

USA, 46: 17 Inf, 1 Cav, 22 Gar, 2 HQ, 4 Res

Nationalist Spain, 43: 5 Inf, 3 Cav, 1 Arm, 4 Mtn, 6 Gar, 1 HQ, 23 Res





USA, 305: 7 CV, 17 BB ,20 CA, 22 CL, 148 DD, 59 SS, 3 AUX, 29 TP

United Kingdom, 285: 5 CV, 1 CVL,14 BB, 3 BC, 16 CA, 29 CL, 147 DD, 62 SS, 8 TP

Japan, 247: 6 CV, 2 CVL, 7 BB, 4 BC, 17 CA, 28 CL, 99 DD, 59 SS, 2 AUX, 23 TP

Soviet Union, 214: 3 BB, 3 CA, 7 CL, 43 DD, 157 SS, 1 TP

Germany, 200: 2 CV, 3 BB, 2 BC, 8 CA, 7 CL, 27 DD, 142 SS, 9 AUX, 2 TP

Italy, 166: 4 BB, 8 CA, 13 CL, 64 DD, 74 SS, 3 TP

Free France, 105(!): 3 BB, 2 BC, 2 CA, 14 CL, 25 DD, 57 SS, 2 TP

Vichy France, 74: 1 CV, 2 BB, 5 CA, 4 CL, 42 DD, 13 SS, 7 TP





Germany, 39: 1 Fgt, 14 Int, 6 CAS, 1 Str, 14 Tac, 1 Nav, 2 Tra

Soviet Union, 26: 14 Int, 7 CAS, 5 Tac

USA, 21: 6 Int, 2 CAS, 4 Str, 8 Tac, 1 Nav

Italy, 19: 10 Int, 3 Tac, 5 nav, 1 Tra

United Kingdom, 19: 2 Fgt, 3 Int, 5 CAS, 2 Str, 4 Tac, 3 Nav

Japan, 13: 4 Int, 5 CAS, 3 Tac, 1 Nav

Canada, 12: 8 Int, 4 Tac




Game log

Ahistorical or strange events in bold and yellow.


February 26, 1936 : Japan went with Crush this coup in The 2-26 Incident.

March 7, 1936 : Germany had Taking control over the Rhineland

March 15, 1936 : Italy had Three Power Pact signed in Rome

March 24, 1936 : Nationalist China went with Forge the unified front in The Xi'an Conference (all accepted)

June 2, 1936 : Germany went with Focus on a tactical Air Force, appoint Udet

June 27, 1936 : Italy annexed Ethiopia

June 30, 1936 : Italy had Haile Selassie rejects the bribe

July 11, 1936 : Germany went with Promise sovereignity for foreign policy shift in Austria wants reconciliation of relations

July 13, 1936 : France went with Continue the sanctions in The trade sanctions against Italy end

July 18, 1936 : Republican Spain had Spanish Civil War

July 22, 1936 : Germany went with Send planes and matériel to transport them to Spain in Franco and the Army of Africa

August 10, 1936 : Japan went with The local garrisons will deal with this in Unrest in China

August 26, 1936 : France went with Propose the Non-Intervention Pact in War in Spain: International Policy

August 26, 1936 : United Kingdom went with The Non-Intervention Pact is Ratified. It cannot be ignored!

August 26, 1936 : Soviet Union went with Sign the pact but help to the Republic... for a price

August 26, 1936 : Germany went with Sign the Pact but send help to Franco anyway

August 26, 1936 : Italy went with Sign the Pact but send help to Franco anyway

August 26, 1936 : Republican Spain went with Send the gold to Moscow

August 26, 1936 : Germany went with Send KG 53 and Hugo Sperrle to form the Condor Legion

September 5, 1936 : Republican Spain went with Largo Caballero in We need a leader

September 8, 1936 : Republican Spain had The International Brigades

September 18, 1936 : Soviet Union had The Great Purges - Yezhov

October 2, 1936 : Nationalist Spain went with Franco in The Burgos Assembly

November 17, 1936 : France had The French Aircraft Industry remains in private hands

January 14, 1937 : Soviet Union went with Let the process have its way in The Great Purges - Second Trial

April 29, 1937 : Nationalist Spain had Spanish Civil War - Victory! (Very early)

May 12, 1937 : Soviet Union went with Root out the Trotskyites! in A Wider Purge

June 7, 1937 : Japan went with Attack at once in Marco Polo Bridge Incident

June 14, 1937 : Soviet Union went with Purge the traitors! in The Great Purges - The Officers

June 15, 1937 : Japan had A right-wing coup d'état happened to us

June 19, 1937 : United States went with Sign the Acts in War in Spain: The Neutrality Acts of 1937 (The war has been over for several months)

June 21, 1937 : United States went with Decline to invoke the Act in War in China: The Neutrality Acts of 1937

June 28, 1937 : Soviet Union went with Extend the offer of friendship and military assistance in Operation Zet - Assistance to China

July 10, 1937 : Soviet Union went with Liquidate the Counter-Revolutionaries! in NKVD Order no. 00447

August 17, 1937 : Japan had The Nanjing Massacre

September 6, 1937 : Nationalist China had The Opening of the Burma Road

October 19, 1937 : Czechoslovakia went with Suppress riots and cancel elections

October 30, 1937 : Japan went with Establish Mengkukuo

January 4, 1938 : Germany went with Replace von Blomberg with Keitel (School of Manoeuvre)

February 3, 1938 : Germany went with Replace von Fritsch with von Brauchitsch (Armoured Spearhead Doctrine)

March 13, 1938 : Germany had The Anschluss

March 20, 1938 : Soviet Union went with Let the process have its way in The Great Purges - Last Trial

September 7, 1938 : Germany went with Form the Waffen SS units

September 11, 1938 : Nationalist China annexed Guangxi Clique

September 14, 1938 : United Kingdom went with Appeasement in The Sudetenland Crisis

October 1, 1938 : Czechoslovakia went with Accept the inevitable in The Munich Diktat

February 16, 1939 : Poland went with Approve his plan at last in Rayski's ultimatum

March 14, 1939 : The people of Slovakia declared independence from Czechoslovakia

March 15, 1939 : Czechoslovakia had Czechs accept the inevitable

March 23, 1939 : Germany went with Claim Memel

March 25, 1939 : United Kingdom went with Poland must be protected

March 26, 1939 : Italy declared war upon Albania

May 19, 1939 : Italy annexed Albania

August 7, 1939 : Japan went with Immediately rush additional troops to the area and attack in Nomonhan incident

August 8, 1939 : Soviet Union went with Let Zhukov lead the fighting

August 8, 1939 : Japan went with Accept the defeat and sign a non-aggression pact

August 24, 1939 : Germany went with Historical Agreement in The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

September 1, 1939 : Germany declared war upon Poland

September 3, 1939 : United Kingdom declared war upon Germany

September 4, 1939 : Italy had Spanish Civil War - Demobilization of Industry (what has this got to do with anything?)

September 5, 1939 : United States went with Invoke the Act in France at War: The Neutrality Acts of 1937

September 10, 1939 : United Kingdom went with Yes, appeal to the Commonwealth in The Empire Air Training Scheme Proposal

September 11, 1939 : Egypt went with We cannot risk war - back down

October 18, 1939 : Poland entered a Military Alliance with United Kingdom

October 30, 1939 : Germany annexed Poland (a bit late, but within a reasonable timelimit)

November 2, 1939 : Germany went with Honor the Pact

November 18, 1939 : Soviet Union declared war upon Finland

November 20, 1939 : Sweden went with Send volunteers and matériel

December 23, 1939 : Germany went with Make preparations for invading Norway in Altmark Incident

December 23, 1939 : United Kingdom went with Scandinavia is not important

February 20, 1940 : Finland went with Fold to Russian Demands

March 17, 1940 : Germany went with Attack Norway and Denmark in Fall Weserübung

March 25, 1940 : Germany had Victory in Denmark

May 6, 1940 : Germany and Slovakia declared war upon Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg

May 14, 1940 : Netherlands went with Capitulate in Europe, but fight on from our colonies

May 16, 1940 : Germany annexed Luxemburg

May 23, 1940 : Germany had Victory in Norway

June 3, 1940 : Soviet Union annexed Latvia

June 10, 1940 : Soviet Union annexed Lithuania

June 14, 1940 : Soviet Union annexed Estonia

June 27, 1940 : Soviet Union went with Claim Bessarabia

July 24, 1940 : Finland entered a Military Alliance with Germany and Slovakia (should absolutely not happen before Barbarossa)

August 22, 1940 : Italy entered a Military Alliance with Germany, Slovakia and Finland

August 25, 1940 : United Kingdom went with Guarantee Greek independence

August 30, 1940 : Belgium went with Offer to Surrender in Europe

September 10, 1940 : Romania entered a Military Alliance with Germany, Slovakia, Finland and Italy

November 27, 1940 : Germany went with Set up French Puppet Government in Vichy (quite late, but better than some posts I've read)

November 27, 1940 : The people of Syria, Lebanon and Madagascar declared independence from Vichy France

November 27, 1940 : Italy had Vichy France - Return of occupied provinces (don't know if it's working as Nice and Grenoble still are in Italian hands)

December 6, 1940 : Vichy France went with Accept in Japan demands French Indochina

March 2, 1941 : Germany, Slovakia, Finland, Italy and Romania declared war upon Yugoslavia

March 5, 1941 : Bulgaria entered a Military Alliance with Germany, Slovakia, Finland, Italy and Romania

March 6, 1941 : Hungary entered a Military Alliance with Germany, Slovakia, Finland, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria (very late)

March 30, 1941 : Germany went with Deny the Hungarian request in The Vienna Dictate

June 2, 1941 : Soviet Union went with Imprison the scum in The June Purge

June 14, 1941 : Germany went with Create Croatia in Independent Croatia

June 16, 1941 : Germany, Slovakia, Finland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia declared war upon Greece






Comments and adjustments

-I think the army strengths are rather okay for the most part and corrolate fairly well with real life numbers there are some things that perhaps could be tweeked though:


-I don't think Britain should have one HQ for every five infantry divisions, espescially not since Germany, that was known for the flexible chain of command has one for every 14.


-Nationalist China has an absolutely enormous army, but 176 of 203 divisions are obsolete (under '39 standard). They'll never get all done though since CHI has only 28 IC left and over half goes to supplies.


-France got WAY too big a cut of the French Navy after Vichy has been formed. Only the ships captured durong Operation Catapult (or a force somewhat similar in size should go to the Free French. In real life 1 BB (Courbet), 2 DD, 6 SS, 6 PT (avisos) and some lesser ships were handed over to the de Gaulle. Many other ships were captured during the war but most of them only in 1942 and -43.


-The Kriegsmarine is very overpowered with a strength bigger than any time during the war in real life, even with some losses.


-Quite few ships have been sunk compared to some games I’ve played.


-The UK has rather few fighters at the time, with only half the number of Italy and even less than Canada.


- In all games I’ve seen of this version I’ve noticed that Nationalist Spain gets a much better start than in real life. It’s something that has happened EVERY time and includes some quite unlikely scenarios as for example Valencia being nationalist from the start. This would have been extremely unlikely. The most extreme example was when the Nationalists got all their usual territories, as well as Madrid, Valencia, Badajoz and Huelva. Needless to say, the SCW was over by Christmas.


I agree that in Madrid the outcome was quite uncertain as three infantry regiments defected to the Nationalists, but they were ultimately defeated by the loyal troops (the Presidential Guard, the Guardia de Asalto, people’s militias and some loyal military units (notably the first tank regiment and a light AA-battalion). Barcelona was also a close call for quite some time as two infantry and a cavalry regiment stayed loyal, while a cavalry regiment defected and it was the Catalan militias that ultimately decided the outcome. I think that there should be a chance, maybe one in ever four or five games, that they end up Nationalist.


Valencia, however, was perhaps THE most loyal city in Spain. Not a single unit declared for the nationalists and the government moved to the city in November 1936 when it looked like Madrid would fall to Francos columns.

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- inledning

Syfte - vad är kravspecen till för. underlag för kommande SAT/FAT

Parter - kund, leverantör

- översikt

Mål - klipp in text från offerten

Teknisk lösning - klipp in text från offerten

Referenser - ritning processlabbet, offert, förfrågan

- generella systemkrav

Definiera 5 generella krav inom resp område. varje krav ska ha unikt löpnummer.

( - generella delsystemkrav)

- leveranskrav

gemensamt för alla i gruppen

- dokumentationskrav

gemensamt för alla i gruppen


kravnummer = löpnummer

Slogan = rubrik

beskrivning = "när det händer ska detta å detta hända"/"den ska följa den standarden" (typ)

insamlat = *dagens datum*

ändrat = *ändringens datum*

källa = vilket dokument kom kravet från?


((hahah, min lilla lathund :baskerPa: ))

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I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.

—Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear, Dune

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Men om man inte tar hänsyn till senaste militära betyg (från t.ex. utlandstjänst) och andra meriter så kan det innebära i praktiken att Tomas, nymuckad 21-åring med Ja-7-8 från värnplikten och 15.1 i snitt från gymnasiet kommer antas medan Jocke, 27 med Ja-7-7 från vpl, 14.9 från gymnasiet, Ja-9-9 från två FS-missioner och en fil.kand i statsvetenskap inte kommer att antas. Vet inte vad ni tycker, men om vi antar att båda bedöms som lämpliga för OP efter psykolog- och proffessionsintervju så tycker jag att om det står mellan Jocke och Tomas så är Jocke det självklara valet

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