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Oroligt i Liberia??

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Last Updated: Friday, 29 October, 2004, 12:10 GMT 13:10 UK


City curfew after Liberian riots


Disarmament is due to be completed by the end of October

Liberia's President Gyude Bryant has imposed an immediate curfew in the capital Monrovia, after heavy fighting spread through the city overnight.

Eyewitnesses say a religious dispute on Thursday evening mushroomed into riots, destroying five churches and a mosque.


United Nations peacekeepers struggled to restore calm as rampaging groups looted into the morning.

Mr Bryant heads a transitional power-sharing government set up to organise elections after 14 years of civil war.

Sporadic shooting

"The curfew starts now," Mr Bryant said in a statement on local radio on Friday morning.

"The United Nations mission has been instructed to use every force to put the situation under control."

The BBC's Jonathan Paye-Layleh in Monrovia says sporadic shooting can still be heard.

Speaking on the UN radio station, UN Police Commander Mark Kroeker says several houses were destroyed and numerous people injured.

"We have had to extract numerous people from various situations and rescue them from mobs during the night," he said.

Eyewitnesses say armed ex-combatants were involved in the fighting, but the authorities say any shots fired were by the UN, our correspondent says.

There are some 15,000 UN peacekeepers in Liberia - they are due to finish disarming the estimated 40,000 former militiamen by the end of October.

It is not clear what caused the violence in the commercial suburb of Paynesville, which spread across the capital to other districts including the port area.

Christian and Muslim leaders appealed for calm on local radio and said they were launching an investigation.


UN peacekeepers have moved into the commercial district of Duela to secure the area against further looting, our correspondent says.

Monrovia has largely been calm since the former President Charles Taylor went into exile in August last year as part of a peace deal to end the civil war.

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I torsdags åkte BR och CR tillsammans med bland annat delar av stab och tross ut på patrull till Sapo nationalpark. Trupptp skedde i huvudsak med irländska lastbilar.


Sen kväll/natt mot fredag började det bli oroligt i Monrovia. Det var lugnt några timmar, för att sedan blossa upp igen.


Nån kyrka och nån moské ska ha satts i brand. Det har också startats bränder i samband med plundringar i staden.


Sporadisk skottlossning har förekommit till och från under hela oron. Stenkastning mot UN-fordon har förekommit.


Det finns flera motsägande uppgifter om vad som startade det hela, så det får vara osagt.


Igår eftermiddag flögs kompaniledningen tillsammans med BR och CR tillbaka med hkp. Innan de anlände hade AR gått ut för att förstärka irländska trupper vid ett av FNs komplex.


Resterande delar av Sapo-patrullen tog sig under för egen maskin till Roberts International Airport, RIA. Tidigt imorse fick de eskort av kompaniet för tp tillbaka till Camp Clara.


Inga svenskar är skadade eller beskjutna.


Så var det med önskan om lugn och ro innan leaven.




Pressinfo från UNMIL.


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