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Zonrörsgranater till artilleri


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Artilleri har ju alltid varit farligt för infanteriet dock måste det i dagsläget vara oerhört svårt att skydda sig mot zonrörsgranater. I alla krigsfilmer ser man nästan bara markbrisader problemet är ju tt sedan Vk2 så har det funnits ett enkelt sätt att få granaterna att detonera ovanför marken vilket gör att en grävd skyttegrav skyddar betydligt mindre.


På dagens slarfält talar alla om vilka problem stridsvagnen har men man glömmer hur fruktansvärt mycket farligare det har blivit att vara infanterist inte bara i det här avseendet, splitterskyddande/skottsäkert kroppspansar genomgår just nu lite av en renäsans inte bara som ett svar på detta utan även som en konsekvens av den minskade acceptansen av förluster.


Nu var ju min fråga om artilleri dåck måste jag inflika att det verkar som att moderna arméer idag har ett eldkraftsövertag som är väldigt likt det som rådde under 1800-talets senare hälft i kolonialkrigen.

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Sent svar men...


Shortstop Electronic Protection System - SEPS

SHORTSTOP is a life-saving system that protects people and equipment from proximity-fused weapons such as mortar rounds, rockets, and artillery shells. These are very potent weapons that maim and kill. They are widely used by national and rebel armies and terrorist groups/cells around the world.




The SHORTSTOP system was originally produced as a Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) product in support of Desert Storm. Whittaker Corp. in Simi Valley, CA built the system for PEO-IEW during the Gulf War in response to the artillery threat posed by the Iraqis, but the war ended before Shortstop could be deployed. The system could reduce casualties to ground troops by as much as 50 percent during the initial stages of an enemy attack. A request for information (RFI) was received from ARCENT addressing available countermeasures for indireWhile Shortstop defeats proximity fuzes, weapons with impact fuzes are able to slip through the systems' defenses. But the manufacturer, Whittaker Corp. in Simi Valley, Calif., said the system could reduce casualties to ground troops by as much as 50 percent during the initial stages of an enemy attack.


These prototype systems were subjected to a minimal amount of environmental testing in preparation for deployment. After Desert Storm, the system was subjected to extensive live fire testing in the desert at Yuma Proving Grounds and evaluated by the TRADOC Analysis Command (TRAC) and the Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab. The SHORTSTOP, AN/VLQ -9 or -10, systems demonstrated, in testing, the ability to significantly enhance survivability of troops and high value assets from indirect fire, proximity fuzed munitions. Reports of more than 5,000 live artillery and mortar round firings against Shortstop in tests at Yuma Proving Ground, Ariz., indicate that the system is 100 percent effective against selected weapons. The test rounds were fired singly and in barrages, with none reaching their intended target, test officials reported.


Detta stoppar dock inte anslagständrör eller tidrör.

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Och så har vi ju den här lilla sötnosen också...


The SPR-2 (Stantsiya pomekh radiovzryvatelyam) is the successor to the tracked SPR-1 and is a proximity fuse jammer mounted on the BTR-70 chassis. This jammer is designed to prematurely detonate proximity fused artillery rounds.
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