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  1. Kroppsskydd 12 - Recension

    our machine gun is waiting kroppsskydd ))
  2. Kroppsskydd 12 - Recension

    we will not sew, but our friends, here are some of their products. This is the first experience in sewing Swedish equipment, I want that it would be successful)))))
  3. Kroppsskydd 12 - Recension

    do you have any technical specification on this item? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ihi2H93Cr2ybLlKW7NYjGxnbTrGKfbUU
  4. Kroppsskydd 12 - Recension

    I'll try to ask specifically with the photo =))
  5. Kroppsskydd 12 - Recension

    Hello everyone, we are a "Swedish" airsoft team from Russia. We are trying to replicate Kroppsskydd 12, we will be very grateful if you make more detailed photos, especially the inner part and the system on the shoulders. Thank you!