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Description or images of Tillbehörslista items. Help wanted

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Dear all,


I wonder if there is an illustrated catalogue of Swedish military tools and accessories, or at a least a catalogue with descriptions of items, please?


I've finally managed to track down a copy of the Tillbehörslista for the Amfibiebil 101 C. It's not the best copy, and whilst we can read the item name - we can't make out some of the numbers. There are also some things that are unknown.


I wonder if anyone would be able to correct any of the numbers that are bold in the table of Page 2, please. And if you have photos or a list of descriptions for any of the items that that would be greatly appreciated.

I have photos of the items highlighted in green










Many thanks










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2 hours ago, Mag70 said:

A note: The Swedish word "kapell" can either mean chapel, as you've written, or the soft cover of a truck bed. Like the linked pictures.




What's the English word, soft shell?

Many thanks for your help


The word "canopy" applies to both of these vehicle covers. The Alvis Stalwart one is a single nylon PVC sheet, compared to the Bedford canopy being made up of 6 sheets 







And canopy also applies to the tree cover




and sun canopy in front of windows, etc





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6 hours ago, Mag70 said:

Btw, here's a list of all classes of material, and its English description.


https://logistikportalen.fmv.se/tjansterprodukter/gof/Delade dokument/Mkod.html



Is there a list of part numbers with their descriptions, at all please?


I looked at this page, but it just has names of items within that group

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Page 2 is currently looking like 





And these - I can't read the M numbers on the original sheet - and wonder if anyone has a Tillbehörslista with the same items, so that I can check the items against the numbers - please




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