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Ryskt signalspaningsfartyg sjönk efter kollision i dimma i Svarta Havet


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Russian navy ship crashes into vessel carrying livestock in Black Sea


Tydligeh så ska alla sjömän på det ryska fartyget ha räddats. Hur det har gått med besättningen och djuren på det andra fartyget är ännu okänt.


EDIT: Det andra fartyget ska bara ha fått mindre skador: Russian spy ship sinks off Turkey after collision with freighter







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      Defense Intelligence Agency - DIA.mil
      PREFACE For more than 50 years, DIA officers have met the full range of security challenges facing our great nation. Our intelligence professionals operate across the globe, and our work supports customers from the forward-deployed warfighter to the national policymaker. DIA is united in a common vision—to be the indispensable source of defense intelligence expertise—and for the past five decades we have done just that. As part of this vision, DIA has a long history of producing comprehensive and authoritative defense intelligence overviews. In September 1981, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger asked the Defense Intelligence Agency to produce an unclassified overview of the Soviet Union’s military strength. The purpose was to provide America's leaders, the national security community, and the public a complete and accurate view of the threat. The result: the first edition of Soviet Military Power. DIA produced over 250,000 copies, and it soon became an annual publication that was translated into eight languages and distributed around the world. In many cases, this report conveyed the scope and breadth of Soviet military strength to U.S. policymakers and the public for the first time. Today, we are faced with a complexity of intelligence challenges from multiple threats that we cannot afford to misunderstand. In the spirit of Soviet Military Power, DIA is proud to produce an unclassified defense intelligence overview of the military capabilities associated with the challenges we face—beginning with Russia. This product is intended to foster a dialogue between U.S. leaders, the national security community, partner nations, and the public about the challenges we face in the 21st century.
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      Kanske kan vara av intresse för någon även om det har något år på nacken.
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      Rysslands nya ubåt K-329 Belgorod och undervattensvapen. Verkligen intressant för den som inte sett det, får inte missas.
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      Hejsan, jag tittade på rapports 1930 sändning och fick höra om putins nya kärnvapen projekt, i inslaget fanns det en sån där JÄTTE lastbil som skjuter av kärnvapen. den såg relativt modern ut och bar på ett enormt kärnvapen,
      1. va kallas den modelen OCH FINNS DET NÅGRA BILDER
      2. kallar man lastbilar som har kärnvapen på sig för något speciellt??
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      "In particular, the ministry plans to start procurement of a new airborne combat vehicle BMD-4. It is a tracked armored vehicle that has airborne and amphibious capabilities." He added.
      According to the spokesperson, BMP-4 is equipped with a 100-mm gun capable of firing both artillery rounds and guided missiles.
      In terms of combat capabilities, BMP-4 exceeds its predecessor, BMP-3, by the factor of 5, the defense ministry experts underlined.
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      Russian Airborne Forces to be fielded with new BMD-2 vehicle in 2005
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      Interfax-AVN 2005-02-17
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      Jämfört med våra grejer (Plan pansar ytfatrtyg och ubåter) är ryssarnas bättre??

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