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Shenyang FC-31 Fifth Generation Multi-Purpose Medium Fighter


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China's second FC-31 fighter prototype makes maiden flight


Derived from the J-31 fighter prototype, the second version of the multirole fighter had been shown in model form at the 2014 and 2016 Zhuhai shows.
"The new FC-31 seems to have better stealth capabilities, improved electronic equipment, and a larger payload capacity," Wu Peixin, an aviation industry
observer in Beijing, told China Daily .
"Compared with the first FC-31, there are a lot of improvements on the second prototype. Changes were made to the airframe, wings, and vertical tails,
which make it leaner, lighter, and more manoeuvrable," he said.
The aircraft features a much-modified fuselage with an electro-optical targeting system (EOTS) and swept-back vertical stabilisers similar to those used by
the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Lightning II.
A brief, grainy video purported to be of the flight also indicates that the engines are not smoking. The J-31 that performed during Airshow China in Zhuhai in
2014 was notable for the exhaust produced by its pair of Klimov R-93 engines. This is the same powerplant used in the single-engined Chengdu/Pakistan
Aeronautical Complex JF-17, which is also notable for engine exhaust.
If this redesign proves fruitful, it's all but guaranteed China will move to export the FC-31 to anyone with the cash to buy it. Many countries either can't afford,
or are not allowed to buy, the Lockheed Martin F-35 from the US. These nations could turn to China and the FC-31 to provide them with a “poor man’s”
Joint Strike Fighter. Pakistan, in particular, is a very ripe candidate to join the FC-31 program early on–especially as new aircraft join the Indian Air Force’s fleet,
including the PAK-FA based on Russia’s stealthy T-50 fighter.
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Det är ett spännande projekt. Frågan är väl hur framtiden för planet ser ut om det inte köps in av det kinesiska försvaret. Om Kina köper in det till sitt försvar så kan det nog få framgång även på exportmarknaden, om så inte sker är det väl mer osäkert. Sedan är väl den kinesiska flygindustrins akilleshäl fortfarande motorer, även om det väl går framåt.


Pakistan är väl det självklara landet för ev export, men jag vet inte om det direkt kryllar av länder som har ekonomi till att köpa in ett plan av den här kategorin, men samtidigt inte får köpa F-35. Indien skulle ju kunna vara ett, men det är väl liksom inte aktuellt av förklarliga skäl. :) Fd sovjetrepubliker kanske, men samtidigt finns ju säkert press på dem att fortsätta att köpa ryskt.


Ska planet bli (relativt) billigt så måste det nog tillverkas i rätt hyggliga volymer.

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