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Har Bofors 57mm kanonen tillförlitlighetsproblem?


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Jänkarna har tydligen issues med sina Bofors mk3 57or på både Freedom och Independence-klasserna.


Läser man årsrapporten för 2012, "Director, Operational test and Evaluation" (http://www.dote.osd.mil/pub/reports/FY2012/), finner man följande på sid 163.

The Navy commenced a Quick Reaction Assessment (QRA)
of the gun systems on LCS 1 in June 2012. Results from the
QRA revealed performance, reliability, and operator training
deficiencies for both the 30 mm and 57 mm guns.
Vidare på sid. 165:
DOT&E approved the 57 mm ammunition LFT&E
Management Plan, which details the test and evaluation
necessary to evaluate the lethality of the 57 mm
ammunition. The Navy is coordinating with the Finnish
Navy to use their operational equipment to conduct an
effectiveness test exercise in September 2013.
Det är ingen nyhet att man tvekar kring 57an då flera uttalanden gjorts kring att den är för klen, "we need a bigger gun" osv. Men det är första gången jag läser att den skulle ha problem med tillförlitligheten.
It might also not be able to depend on all of its weapons in a fight. The 30mm gun on board the Freedom“exhibit reliability problems.” The 57mm gun on both the Freedom and its sister ship, the differently designed USS Independence, is apparently worse: “Ship operations at high speeds cause vibrations that make accurate use of the 57 mm gun very difficult,” Gilmore finds.
Har vi samma problem som jänkarna med våra kanoner på Visby-klassen?
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