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Brittisk testpilot utvärderar Dassault Rafale


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Jag hittade denna mycket välskrivna artikel där en brittisk test pilot har flugit och utvärderat Dassault Rafale.

Piloten har gjort utvärderingen utifrån en Rafale B med edition F3 Cockpit.

Det är en lång artikel så sätt er tillrätta och enjoy the reading!




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Ja han verkar ju ha enorm erfarenhet av högprestanda stridsflygplan..... känns lite väl avlönat det där.


Från biografin att läsa så verkar det mest handlat om transport/passagerarflygplan sedan ca 20 år tillbaka.


Collins' principal goal is to head the ASTOR flight test and mission evaluation programme in the UK. Given his extensive experience of both military and civil aerospace operations, during which he has accumulated over 6,600 flying hours in some 68 types of aircraft, this should not prove problematic.During his RAF career Collins rose to the rank of squadron leader, completing two frontline tours of duty flying Harriers in Germany and serving in the Falklands in 1982, flying Sea Harriers while on detachment with the navy on Illustrious. Following two years as a pilot and later team leader with the Red Arrows, in 1989 he qualified as an experimental military test pilot and was appointed Officer Commanding of the Aerospace Research Test Squadron at DRA Bedford where he worked on the Joint Strike Fighter.


In 1993 Collins opted out of the military, moving to Fokker where he worked on the F60 and F70. After the company went bankrupt in 1996 he spent two years in Germany with Dornier before returning to the UK, joining KLM as a test pilot in 1998.There he was promoted to head the introduction of the company's Flight Operations Data Monitoring system that records the events and exceedences of each flight, allowing operators to map trends and create a valuable safety tool.


After three years Collins left to set up his own independent flight testing company. But this fell foul of the global downturn in aviation following September 11.

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