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Skyttemedalj and Skyttemärke


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I searched a lot but I coudn't find really much information about Swedish shooting badges.

May I ask you a few questions about or do you know a good website with information about?



Whether it is hard for Swedish soldiers to get them or not?

And whether it is possible for foreign soldiers to get them?

What are the conditions for qualification (for example compared to qualification for U.S. shooting badges)?

(In this older topic there is a bit of description of the medalj)


Skyttemedalj in gold you get it after 5x silver?

Is it right you get Skyttemärke when you couldnt qualify for Skyttemedalj?

Difference between Skyttemärke with crown an without crown on top?



In Germany I heard about an annual big shooting in Messel where you can qualify for U.S. and NL shooting badges.

Does such an event also exist in Sweden or does the Hemvärnet arrange something comparable?









Somebody told me this would be the new Swedish skyttemärke???




(I couldnt embed the other pictures... perhaps to long URL.... only links possible)


Skyttemärke with crown - click this link to show


Is this submachingun badge official or also a skyttemärke? - click this link to show




Thank you a lot :surprise:


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Somebody told me this would be the new Swedish skyttemärke???


Those patches are called PEK-märken (Pansarskott-Eldhandvapen-Kulspruta = LAW - personal firearm - machinegun). All three weapons are included in the exercises needed to qualify for the patch.


I have that one (in silver), so I should know how to qualify for them, but I got it so long ago that I do not remember. It could not have been too difficult, though...


That is actually a Assault Rifle badge (automatvapenmärke), and yes it is official.


It is easily confused with the submachingun badge (which looks like the one above, but with two crossed SMGs in stead of the rifles) and the machinegun badge (with an old watercooled machinegun with tripod on it).

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