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Karl Kronberg - Swedish volunteer Norway 1940

bob pearson

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I am currently researching a book on the Norwegian gold transport with a view to publishing later next year. To date I have the main thrust of the story. However, out of the 30 Norwegian soldiers that took part in the transport only 24 have been named to date.


Recently, I was passed some names, some of which may have been involved with the transport. One of those men, Karl Kronberg was a Swede who had volunteered to fight with the Norwegians. By good fortune I found a file on Kronberg in the Public Records Office, Kew in London, but unfortunately there was little in the file except for notes on Kronberg's suicide, which had taken place very shortly after an operation in Norway.


The author, Dorothy Baden-Powell wrote a book on the gold transport titled, 'Pimpernel Gold'. In the book she writes about a Hararld Bergstrom and has even published a picture of him. However, the name she uses is false. It is possible that Bergstrom and Kronberg are one and the same man.


By chance, does anyone know anything about Karl Kronberg, have a photo of him or indeed if he is survived by a family? If so, I would be very pleased to hear from you. If you so wish I can be contacted at [email protected]


Many thanks in advance for considering this request.


Bob Pearson - England

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