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Ny rysk ubåt testas i Östersjön


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Är det någon som har hört talas om denna?


Ur Pravda den 30 augusti

Russia currently tests a new submarine called Amur in the Baltic Sea. The NATO Navy is closely watching the test, and the more information the NATO command gets about the submarine and the test the gloomier it grows.


The non-nuclear submarine of the Amur class is a fourth generation submarine that can deliver salvo missile attack at various targets. The level of its acoustic field is several times lower than it is registered with the world’s most noiseless submarines of the Kilo class.


The submarine is equipped with a new generation radioelectronic arming. What is more, the construction of the submarine allows supplying it with special power installations with chemical generators that help considerably increase its submerged endurance and cruising range.


Amur can operate in any part of the world ocean with the exception of areas covered with solid mass of ice, under any weather conditions, in shallow and deep waters. The Amur armament consists of ten vertical containers with cruise or anti-ship missiles together with missiles to hit surface targets. There are also four torpedo-tubes with multi-purpose torpedoes to deliver against a ship or above-water targets at short range. Amur can deliver a massive missile attack within at least two minutes.





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Det fanns en andra sida också...här kommer den.

Because of the low noise that makes it hard to detect such submarines experts in the West call them ‘the black hole in the ocean’. Chief designer of the project Yury Kormilitsyn said that the submarine was designed as an underwater hunter able to destroy any targets, surface battleships, transport ships or submarines, to deliver torpedo and missile attacks, to set mine barriers, and also to destroy targets with the help of soldier swimmers.



NATO experts fear that the submarine will be exported to other countries such as Venezuela that contends against the USA for domination in Latin America.


It is quite logic that Russia is actively reviving its military industrial complex and recommencing patrolling of the strategic aviation. In the past years, the West traditionally treated Russia as a weak part that regularly proposed peace initiatives and demanded peace for its own security. So, the West saw the role of Moscow as that of a petitioner.


But when Russia exhausted all the opportunities to make all countries friends it decided to pursue its own interests. That made the West and Europe first of all realize that Moscow would have its own way independently and may act even contrary to Europe’s interests.


After the breakup of the USSR the USA felt its global responsibility that later transformed into unrestricted domination over the world that allowed Washington to apply a neoconservative doctrine and intrude countries with unwanted regimes. Now the structure of the one-pole world is coming tumbling down.


Russia is not the only country that disagrees with the present-day model of the world order, and Moscow knows how to make others hear its opinion. Russia can definitely be an equal rival to NATO in the sky and at sea.


Vladimir Anokhin



Translated by Maria Gousseva

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677 Lada class


Enligt warfare.ru så är ubåten av typ Amur-1650 avsedd för exportmarknaden. Den som tillhör samma projekt men är byggd för ryska flottan heter B 585 St Petersburg och trädde i tjänst förra året i Östersjöflottan.


Förutom denna så finns endast ytterligare två ubåtar i Östersjöflottan, B 227 av Kilo-klass som trädde i tjänst 1983 samt B 806 av förbättrad Kilo-klass vilken trädde i tjänst 1991. Den senare kan möjligen betecknas som en interimklass mellan standard Kilo-klass och det nya Lada projektet och säga ha blivit tilldelad Östersjöflottan pga övningsskäl:


877 / 636 Kylo class



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Ryssarna planerar att bygga en serie Kilo ubåtar med kryssningsmissiler för Östersjön:


Russia plans to beef up Baltic submarine forces — source


Sex Kilo ubåtar finns aktiva i Svartahavsflottan av project 636.3 och den första i en serie på sex för Stillahavsflottan har just blivit operativ:


Kilo-class submarine project 636.3 units


Hur många som kommer att byggas för Östersjön är ännu oklart, men det kan komma att bli färre än sex. Idag finns bara en operativ ubåt B-806 Dmitrov av project 877EKM i Östersjöflottan. B-227 Vyborg av samma klass och som också tillhörde Östersjöflottan togs ur tjänst 2018 och är nu uppställd i Patriot Park Kronstadt.


Man kan väl säga att det är lite en återgång till kalla kriget när det mellan 1976 och 1990 fanns ett antal Golf klass ubåtar med ballistiska robotar stationerade i Östersjön, men kryssningsmissiler av Kalibr typ finns redan idag på tre korvetter av Karakurt och Buyan-M klasserna i Östersjöflottan.





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