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En Fruktansvärt bra site om Rymdraketer och Rymdkrig, ur en vetenskap


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En väldigt intressant och lite ironisk sida om vad som går och inte går att göra i rymden, och för oss på soldF så är det väl mest vapensektionen som intresserar.


Ett av mina favoritcitat om problemen med en Fussionsmotor.

The problem is that at high enough values for exhaust velocity and thrust , the amount of watts in the jet is too much. "Too much" is defined as: if only a fractional percentage of those watts are lost as waste heat, the spacecraft glows blue-white and evaporates. The size of the dangerous fractional percent depends on heat protection technology. There is a limit to how much heat that current technology can deal with, without a technological break-through.


Lite nyttig information om EMP i rymden.

Conventional nuclear weapons will also produce an EMP if detonated near an atmosphere. They will not create one in the vacuum of space, with no air molecules for Compton Scattering.
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