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Behover hjalp SNABBT ang 37mm/ZS


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Hoppas ngn kanon-tok kan hjalpa mig med detta.


Fick just in en rapport fran ett land i "varmare trakter" dar var ( UN DSS ) man pa plats havdar att en FN anstalld blivit traffad av splitter fran en 37mm granat fran en ZS. ( Dessutom en lokal forare traffad i brostet av granaten sjalv men overlevde!!! )


Nu ar fragan, OM det ar 37mm ammunition, vilken vapentyp kan det vara?

For vad jag vet ar ZS i 14.5mm och 23mm..


Om ni hittar ev vapentyp ( Ost-tillverkad ) inte de amerikanska 37mm kanonerna..

Snalla posta lankar..





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Du har ratt, hittade den hos Janes nu genom modellnamnet.


"The 61-K was soon accepted for service under the designation of the 37 mm Automatic Anti-aircraft Cannon M1939 and the first order placed for 900 units. It is believed that total production amounted to almost 20,000 weapons with final deliveries made in 1945.


A twin version built for export is known to be in service with Algeria and Egypt and was manufactured in China as the Type 65.




Tackar, visste inte om den..

Defenitivt inte detta fordon som anvants, med storsta sannolikhet ngn form av "Technical".. Samma kanon dock..

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