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SKOJ: Vad har ni på ctrl+v ?


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Anyone who knows computers knows that any computer has two of the following three characteristics; It's Cheap, It's Powerful, It's Reliable.


The same basic logic applies to 'hot nerd chicks', you get to pick two of the three.

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Translation of manuals, instructions, display texts, labels and marketing material must be perfomed with sufficient technical and linguistic competence to ensure safety and claimed performance as per MEDDEV 2.5/5 rev.3.

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You have been reassigned for combat duty.






You have been assigned to Alpha Squad (A/1/A/1-75), Fire Team 1 and you are to

report in to your Team and Squad Leader without delay.



Assignment to a combat unit is a duty and with it come many obligations.

Your Squad and Team Leader, and the other Rangers serving alongside

you in your Squad count on you to fulfill your obligations. This means

that you will be there; that you will notify them of upcoming absences

and request LOA in advance; that you will serve as a committed soldier

in combat operations; that you will respect the Chain of Command; that

you will carry out your mission first and foremost and consider yourself

and your statistics last; and that you not only reflect well on your

Squad, but on the 75th Rangers. Much is expected from you, but I am

confident that you will exceed those expectations.

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Kolliid 84732870735SE Kundnr 4176703843

Kund Gymgrossisten AB Referens E554637

Tjänst Postpaket (25) Status Ankomst utlämningsställe

Vikt 1.5 Kvitterat av

Postnr 37138 Ort KARLSKRONA

Avsänt 2009-05-04 Utlämnat --

Tilläggstjänst: SMS-avisering


2009-05-05 14:05 Pantarholmens Spel & Tobak Försändelsen har kommit till Postens serviceställe

2009-05-05 00:15 Jönköping Sorterad

2009-05-04 17:07 Göteborg Sorterad

2009-05-04 06:10 Posten Elektronisk förhandsinformation mottagen


Godssökning hos Posten Logistik




Kosttillskott :)

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Your Bloody Hack IV slashes Vandal Fighter for 157.

Your Bloody Hack IV slashes Vandal Fighter for 170.

Your Bloody Hack IV slashes Vandal Fighter for 168.

Your offhand slashes Vandal Fighter for 95.

Your offhand slashes Vandal Fighter for 103.

Your offhand slashes Vandal Fighter for 102.

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Trident är på 110 liter (90+10+10), dvs 10 liter större än Vulcan. LK70 är mindre på papperet, men tittar man på hur dessa är utformade så tror jag man kan knöka ned mera i LK70'n ändå. Långsmala ryggsäckar är nog bra ibland, men i militära sammanhang bör

Det är fel tidpunkt på dygnet för att jag ska skriva ned en ryggsäcksanalys..."avbryt, eld upphör."

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