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Släng dig i väggen Hollywood?


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Finns en Pakistansk film om Hitlar och Hitler Junior:


The film starts with the intriguing premise that Hitler in fact never died but escaped and started a family somewhere in the Punjabi heartland. He fled to Pakistan with legions of his followers having perpetrated the worst atrocities on mankind. According to the director Idrees Khan, Hitler was even responsible for the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a fact that was brilliantly covered up by his cohorts.

The film shows Hitler Jr. - the son the world never knew about - sending his goons to ravage the local villagers and terrify them into submission.In order to finance his insatiable appetite for the very best wigs and fashions he must obtain large quantities of cash and so Hitlar (note changed spelling to disguise his identity) sends his henchmen on errands murdering prominent businessmen and relieving them of their cash. One day one of the villagers, upright and incredibly handsome young Sultan (our hero) witnesses the goons attack and murder an industrialist in broad daylight. This experience shatters Sultan's idyllic complacency and under the tutelage of his mentor Aman, the town sage, he promises to battle against the forces of injustice and brutality.


One night Sultan is attacked by a pack of men in bear suits and he is saved from certain death by the timely intervention of Rustam Khan, a criminal sardar. The sardar happens to be his long lost father, but Sultan doesn't find that out till much later on. Rustam protects Sultan from Hitlar's goons and throws down the gauntlet challenging Hitlar to the ultimate showdown. Meanwhile Sultan vows to seek justice for the murder that he witnessed but that path soon brings him into conflict with the most dreaded force on earth; the son of Hitler. We learn that Hitlar (Hitler's son from a Pakistani woman) lives with mummy and yearns for revenge in his fathers name who he refers to as "Master".




During a flashback we learn that poor Hitlar turned to a life of vice and crime when his family were brutalized and tortured by the local mafia and were helpless to do anything about it. In a dark stormy night of intrigue and murder, a young Hitlar watched helplessly as the mafia men hack his uncle to death right infront of his eyes. He swears then and there that he will dedicate his life to exacting his own twisted form of justice in the land and also that he will crown his mother Queen as she is the rightful heir to Hitler's lost empire.




Det är ingen komedi men en riktig action film med historisk knytning till vk2.

Några bilder:


Hitlar junior pratar med sin pappa...


Hitlers son, som lever i Pakistan.



Sen finns det filmer om:








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