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Question for contact

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Hello everybody - sorry, but I don't speak any swedish :blink: - but I hope, someone will read and answer to my question.


I'm collecting military mail (fältpost in swedish I think) from any nation over the world. My problem is, to get Infos about it. I know, that swedish soldiers are serving in Kosovo and probably ISAF in Afghanistan.


My question: is anyone interested to write to me from his/her mission? It has not to be a general or colonel.... I send back in any case an intern. reply coupon or something else!


@mod: I hope, this is allowed - if not: edit/delete is accepted!


To my person: I'm 47 years old, and was lance-corporal at german bundeswehr in position of pay-master at an anti-tank unit ("panzerjäger"). Today I'm working as software-consultant...

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...ok - I didn't post the url as I know, that this often looks like "advertisement" to get visitors...


So - what I'm looking for is to see here: military mail from all over the world . The text is german, but I think the names and countries and of course the missions are well known. Don't think I'm only looking for "generals" or "LTC" - any contact is wellcome (but high-positioned people are easier to find on Intenet... :angry: )

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Hi and welcome albu.


Your question is alright and I´ll grant your wish to link to your site in your own purpose.


But I will move this thread to SOLDINT where we have all foreign-missionthreads.


Any other problems about your beeing here, just let me or any other member with a blue/yellow flag on his grade, know and we will try to help you.


/ Kimster

BlåGul (admin)

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a short notice - as some people asked me via mail:


If you want to write - please use mail to get my adress to write to!


And if you have written? I don't show the names or adresses of people writing to me - with one special: if you are a MajorGeneral and shown on the homepage of SFOR or KFOR - than your name is no secret and I would show it. In all other cases - no names!


And as many people ask me for names - I don't give away adresses (would be stupid) and I don't sell any letters or cards!


And - I send you in exchange international reply coupons - it's like "money" - you can change at any post office to stamps...And for special people I would do more...

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is it possible that you contacted me 4-5 years ago about this


probably - I'm trying all the time..that makes my hobby so interesting - to find people, write with them...and of course, getting infos from first hand! As I do it without commercial interests ("Ebay"), the soldiers are often so kind to write to me. I can understand, that it's bad to see letters with name and adress at Ebay to sell - I would be nervous, too. - But thats not my intention...I collect them and it will be continued by my son, who's interested too...

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I would ask again - especially for ISAF in Afg. - for contact to any soldier...If anyone is interested in writing to me - I send in exchange postage of course, an all is anonymous (except you are BrigadierGeneral...)


@larune - no matter, I reached the swedish postmaster in liberia and she was so kind to send me a card...

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It was a long time (about two years) and since that time, I've got many letters or cards (some due to this forum - thanks). So I try again...may be some swedish or "scandinavian" soldier would like to add a card to my collection (or may be a photo of swedish fältpost?). To give you some motivation: here a cards from the commanders of PRT Mazar-e-Sharif (led by Sweden)

Col. Sandstrom and Col. Danielson


so you would be in good neighbourhood...


Greetings from Germany!

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Hello at all!

I'm collecting military mail from all over the world and I heared, that at NBG there seems to be a swedish military post office. Can anyone give me an address, how to write to it or would anyone send a card/letter via this post office to me? In exchange I would send some german stamps or a picture card...


If you want to look, who I am and what I'm looking for: http://www.bw-feldpost.de


some swedish soldiers in my collection:

http://neue.bw-feldpost.de/index.php?isaf_schweden_vuf (swedish postmaster at ISAF)

http://neue.bw-feldpost.de/index.php?kfor_swebat (swedish postmaster at KFOR)

http://neue.bw-feldpost.de/index.php?kfor_...enter_grundevik (swedish general, cdr MNTF Center)


My best albu, please do not start new topics on the same subject as before. It would be enough to post in your old topic as a reminder.


Sehr geehrter albu, bitte sei so gut und starte kein neues topic mit früherem schon dagewesenem Inhalt. Es müsste ausreichen wenn du eine Erinnerungsmitteilung schreibst in deinem alten topic um das Thema zu aktualisieren.



BLÅGUL / Moderator

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