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  1. via Undsäk info 02-16 från Hallandsgruppen Russian Air Force to get about 20 aircraft in 2005 The Russian Air Force will receive about 20 new and modernized aircraft in its inventory in 2005, Air Force Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Mikhailov said during the meeting with foreign military attaches in Moscow Tuesday. These will be modernized SU-27 Flankers and TU-160 Blackjack strategic bombers, he said. "The modernization of SU-27 aircraft is in full swing. The Air Force already got seven such aircraft in 2004, and plans to obtain another 10 in 2005," he added. Mikhailov also said that two TU-160 aircraft, one new and the other after modernization, will come in service with the Russian Air Force in 2005. According to him, the fielding of the MI-24PN Hind helicopter and the completion of the SU-24 tactical bomber flight tests are also in plans. Interfax-AVN 2005-02-15 Undsäk info 02-21 från Hallandsgruppen Russian Army to Receive New Airborne Combat Vehicle In 2005, Russian army will receive new airborne combat vehicle BMD-4, Russian Defense Ministry press service announced. "At present, R&D works on various projects, heavily financed during 2003-2004 are nearing their final stages. The procurement of new armaments will commence on a large scale in 2005," defense ministry spokesperson revealed. "In particular, the ministry plans to start procurement of a new airborne combat vehicle BMD-4. It is a tracked armored vehicle that has airborne and amphibious capabilities." He added. According to the spokesperson, BMP-4 is equipped with a 100-mm gun capable of firing both artillery rounds and guided missiles. In terms of combat capabilities, BMP-4 exceeds its predecessor, BMP-3, by the factor of 5, the defense ministry experts underlined. New York Jewish Times Russian Airborne Forces to be fielded with new BMD-2 vehicle in 2005 The Russian Airborne Forces will be fielded with the brand new BMD-4 airborne infantry fighting vehicle in 2005, Airborne Force Commander Alexander Kolmakov said at a news conference in Moscow on Thursday. "The new BMD-4 vehicle is armed with a 100-mm cannon and a 30-mm cannon. It is fitted with a powerful engine, which jointly with the hydro-mechanical power train, has considerably increased the vehicle's maneuverability. The vehicle may be airdropped with personnel inside," he said. He also emphasized that the BMD-4 would serve as a basis for developing a new family of airdropped and amphibious materiel with a combat weight of 12.5 to 18 tonnes. "The vehicle is one of its kind in the world. It increases the efficiency of airborne troops two-to ten- fold," he pointed out. Interfax-AVN 2005-02-17
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